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Why Customer Service Excellence is Important?


Customer Service It’s Not Just About Your Customer Service Front Liners

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Customer Service is not just about your customer service front-liners or your sales staff.

Although these front- liners are very critical.


It involves creating and implementing a culture and leadership structure that will empower, nurture and motivate all your employees to deliver that ‘Memorable’ Customer Experience.  Just like the reality shows where the judges PRESS the button to vote.Your customers are the judges of your organization and they vote with their money or their feet. If they are not happy, they just walk away to your competitor.They will judge your company based on their experiences with your product, the service and the people. Firstly, for example they may evaluate the quality of your product or its value for money. But they will also notice other things like your car park facilities and the ease of access or the cleanliness of your office or display area. They will certainly notice the responsiveness of your staff, their courtesy and helpfulness. They will even judge your company, the way your staff talk to each other and communicate with your Manager.

It all counts!

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Leadership Leads the Way

Everyone in any organization takes their lead from the top.

Do you will agree with me?

Employees will adopt the leadership culture.

How would you feel if your leadership walks the talk by praising and recognizing employees ‘going for the extra mile’ for the customer? Surely, this would encourage the Customer Service Teams to feel more positive and confident in doing the same.  If your leadership demonstrates irritation or annoyance with the Customers,or worse still, treats them as irrelevant to the Company, this will be reflected in the front line Teams. The Leadership are role models; employees model their attitudes, values and behaviors.


Why measuring the service is important?  

What gets measured gets done or stands still.  

So the management needs to be measuring the right things.

Just imagine when you go to a shop,  the cashier does not make eye contact, finishes stacking the shelves before serving you or  puts the money down on the counter instead of into your hands. The Manager of that cashier will most certainly measure the efficiency and might reprimand the cashier to be more efficient by handling the customers in a much quicker way. The Manager ought to be recognizing that this cashier’s actions is without  doubt efficiently and effectively sending their customers to the competitor’s doorstep.

 customer journey mapping

Effective Leadership Processes and Measures

An effective leadership will have processes to discuss, monitor

and measure the Best Practices for Customers. Do you have project Teams seeking to find that extra 10% i.e. the extra positive experience for their Customers ?

Do you use tools like mapping the Customer’s Journey throughout the Company?

So that you can generate ideas at each contact point to seek opportunities to make life easier or more pleasant for the Customer.  Is quality and process improvement your top agenda?  So that you can give quick recognition to employees who demonstrate valuable improvements.

 customer service training


Why Customer Service Training is a Small Investment with a Big Pay-off?

Companies often assume that investment in Customer Service Skills Training is a waste of money!

It is unfortunate that these Companies do not ask their former Customers for their views!

Everyone can give examples of ‘bad’ Customer experiences that would amaze the Company Leadership.

Please note that effective delivery of excellent Customer Service will retain customers and generate long term profits.

Training plays a key part to achieve this.

Customer Service Excellence is about processes, knowledge and behaviors.

Good Customer Service Training should address each of these 3 elements, whether this is internal or external training.

Above all, training adjusts the priorities and aligns the focus of all personnel, whether Customer Service, Sales, Administration or Managers. 

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The Benefits of Customer Service Training

It helps the organization to pinpoint and have clear focus on what they want to achieve with each Customer.

The organization will instill the shared purpose with their employees i.e. why it’s important of keep and retain the Customers.

So that they will learn to align their role in ensuring the company’s success. Focus drives attitude and behaviors throughout the Organization.

The leadership will be much more aware of desired attitudes and behaviors and therefore will be much more likely to praise employees.

All the employees especially the Customer Care Teams will heighten their awareness to the core skills and techniques with their Customers, as well as positive actions that will deliver Customer Service Excellence. Interest, support and encouragement from management will motivate them to want to perform well with their Customers.

Everyone in the organization will be singing off the same page.


Continuous Improvement and Best Practice

Customer Service Excellence is about managing, meeting and exceeding expectations.

Customer Expectations are constantly changing, the bar is forever being raised.

This means that Teams at all levels in the Company must respond to this by continuously seeking to identify opportunities to ‘exceed’.

Teamwork sessions must be held quarterly to brainstorm and generate improvement ideas that are essential to achieving excellence.

The Customer Care Teams themselves should be encouraged and empowered to continuously seek out Best Practice, to review and improve.

Achieving Customer Service Excellence is a continuous process that should be energetically pursued by all in the Organization.

To find out more on How you can achieve Customer Service Excellence by joining our training programs

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Neuro Linguistic Programming Or NLP – The Greatest Self-Improvement System in the World

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of human excellence.


I will explain the fundamental principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the many NLP techniques and how they work.

NLP is the influencing of human behavior through the adoption and practice of certain established techniques and procedures.

Actually, NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming,

  • where ‘neuro’ is related to both mind and body,
  • ‘linguistic’ is about language patterns or structures and
  • ‘programming’ is devising ways and means of coordinating mind, body and language for shaping behavior to achieve better results than before in various walks of life.

In a sense, Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you in many ways, if only you get to know its techniques and how to use them for your benefit.

I use NLP everyday of my life as it allows me to learn new tasks at an alarming rate.

NLP helps to strengthen my self-confidence and self-esteem, I always keep up a positive attitude and I can handle life’s challenges in a more positive way.

It works by identifying in others the essential characteristics of exceptional talent, successful attitudes and empowering beliefs, and NLP helps you to learn them as well.


Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of the structure of subjective experience.

Neuro Linguistic Programming was first developed in the early 1970’s by an information scientist, Richard Bandler, and a linguistics professor, John Grinder. From their studies of successful people, they created a way to analyze and transform human excellence, resulting in the most powerful, practical psychology ever developed.

NLP is a practical application of how people think.

Described as “software for your brain” it allows you to automatically tap into the kinds of experiences you want to have.

With Neuro Linguistic Programming you can create your own future, and you can have choices about your feelings, especially when it matters most.

A state of the art communications method for nurturing personal and professional growth, Neuro Linguistic Programming creates an environment for graceful personal change.


The Fundamental Principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming:

The map is not the territory. We respond to our thoughts and memories. These are our internalized map of reality. However, these maps are not true reality.

Experience has a structure. When we change the structure, the experience will automatically change.

People work perfectly. People are always making the best choices available for them. People already have all the resources they need.

Anyone can do anything. If one person can do something, anyone can learn to do that same thing. When there is a physical or environmental limit, the world of experience will let us know.

Mind and body are parts of the same system.

You cannot NOT communicate. We are always communicating, at least non-verbally. Even thoughts are communication with the self.

The meaning of your communication is the response you get. Communication is not what is intended, but what is received.

Underlying every behavior is a positive intention.

The person or element with the most flexibility in a system will have the most influence. Neuro Linguistic Programming gives you flexibility.

There is no such thing as failure – it is feedback for the next step.


Changed Perceptions:

You can turn to Neuro Linguistic Programming when you are interested in developing your personality traits and characteristics, which determine your verbal and non-verbal reactions to the happenings in this world.

As a first step, let us understand that your perception of reality is based on your subjectivity.

Just as a map is merely a miniature representation of a territory, what you perceive as real is only a colored representation of reality, not the reality itself.

You can’t help but look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Your reactions are dictated not by the reality but by your view of that reality.

Neuro Linguistic Programming helps you in realizing this and reducing, if not completely removing, your subjectivity.

You will then consider adopting alternative viewpoints of reality and, consequently, bringing about a shift in the way you react to it.

Why do people react differently to a particular event or situation?

Is it not because of the differences in their individual perceptions of that event or situation?

What a traumatic event is to one may not be the same to another.

For instance, some people may take verbal or physical abuse lightly or simply ignore it.

Others may be so affected by it that they need psychological or medical treatment.

The underlying philosophy of Neuro Linguistic Programming is based on the premise that it is possible to change one’s perceptions, beliefs and behavior so that traumatic experiences become possible to treat.

It is also possible that you might even become immune to trauma.


Get Rid of Phobias:

You can similarly get rid of your phobias, if any, by going into the factors that cause your fear in the first place, with the help of NLP techniques.

You can look at things in the way that your adversaries do.

You can consider the same things from a totally new perspective.

Or, you can study people who have achieved excellence in any particular aspect of their life, find out what qualities and factors contributed to their success and then import the same or similar factors and qualities into your life in an effort to achieve excellence in your chosen field.

You can lower your levels of unhappiness or raise the levels of happiness by transforming your belief portfolio, your preconceived notions, your language patterns that display your innermost feelings, your unconscious mind that exposes your conscious reactions to the external world, and so on.

In short, Neuro Linguistic Programming transforms you into a new you, a happier you and a more effective you, capable of dealing with this world in a much better way than before.


The Many Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques and How They Can Help You!

The New Behavior Generator – This technique for accelerated learning allows you to make any new action or skill automatic in your behavior. It is useful any time you want to have more choices, learn a new skill, or model an expert.

Discovering Your Mission – This technique brings your desires, goals and values together to create a mission that promotes a deep sense of personal satisfaction.

Achieving Your Goals – This technique helps you create well-defined, compelling and attainable goals, and provides a pathway to their natural realization.

Creating Rapport and Strong Relationships – Improve your ability to deal with others with respect and dignity.

Powerful Persuasion Strategies – Persuasion is the ability to offer compelling value to others.

Building a Positive Relationship With Yourself – This technique create the deep personal congruence that leads to enthusiasm, charm and personal power.

Eliminating Fears and Phobias – This technique neutralizes the powerful negative feelings of phobias and traumatic events.

Building Self-Confidence – This technique allows you to stay resourceful when you are criticized, whether it is at home, at work, or with friends. This enables you to use criticism as feedback to improve your relationships.

Developing Self-Appreciation – This technique helps you to gain the appreciation for yourself that others have for you. It is useful for building self-appreciation and confidence.

Having Pervasive Self-Esteem – This technique takes any unwanted behavior and transforms it into a desire to become more the person you want to be. It is useful anytime you want to change unwanted behaviors or feelings.

Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude – This technique rids you of negative past decisions or imprint experiences. It is useful anytime you want to change limiting attitudes or create new, empowering ones.

The Keys To Peak Performance – This technique provides a liberating perspective and a chance to preview your future. Use it to create the life you want to live.


Neuro Linguistic Programming can help you become adept in whatever is important to you, whether that means getting along with your family or co-workers or being more effective on the job.

Neuro Linguistic Programming lets you model human excellence in any form.

It is an overall powerful system for improving oneself personal development at any level.


If you would like us to help you achieve excellence in work, business and life, kindly check our Training Programs on Neuro Linguistics Programming.


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